Your Laughter So Expensive

Apr 10, 2018 | Everyday Life Hacks, Inspiration

I love a good laugh. I mean laughing out loud no regard for self, kind of laugh. I enjoy being around people who are genuinely funny – vile or vulgar jokes are usually a turn off for me.

After I’ve had those one of a kind laughs, I am reminded that I don’t laugh enough. I laugh often, that’s for sure, but I think I could laugh more.

When I’m in public places, I see people frown more often. Even when I go to places of business where my own happiness should be priority, I find myself trying to lighten the mood, being extra friendly just to lighten up the atmosphere, and the people who are supposed to serve me, can’t even muster a chuckle in response. Just a reluctant smile… sometimes.

Here’s my question if you’re sort of maybe in that group, “Why is your laughter so expensive?”

I think our laughter should cost close to nothing if we’re going to enjoy to any extent, our time on earth. We should be more open to joy and love and life!

I want to laugh more; see the humour in just about everything. I find myself doing that every now and then. But can it not be more? Someone makes a vulgar gesture while the whole world tries to beat traffic, and I can laugh because “Oh well, smh, poor dude must be really upset.” Or “that it’s so ridiculous it’s actually funny.” And I genuinely laugh!

A really long time ago, I came across some story in a magazine or so, and the man was saying how he liked a woman who didn’t lose her composure when she laughed. I hated it so much, I still remember it till this day. What does that even mean?! [Sure everyone’s entitled to their likes and dislikes. So I’ll try to be understanding]

My point is, letting go a little bit more and giving others the freedom to do so is a good thing. Who doesn’t want a little more colour and celebration in their lives? Well it starts with you. One single person who thinks the joke is so funny, everyone in the store can’t help but laugh along.

So, I’ll laugh more, with less control; throw my head back and just lean into it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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