Wrath of a Woman_A Short Story

Aug 23, 2019 | Boy-Girl Dynamics, Inspiration, Life Hacks, Relationships, Short story

“Nneoma,” Mike paused, savoring her name in his mouth. “It’s a pretty name,” he said, smiling. Nneoma blushed under his open scrutiny.

She was a mere seventeen and he was in his early twenties. Mike was fascinating. He spoke so well and told her about many things she could not have known in her little sheltered world away from the vast modern influences of the wider society. This was the 90s, so Nneoma could not be blamed for her lack of exposure. They had an old television set that showed only a few channels. The power outages were way more consistent than when they did have power. Mike was already a university graduate and she had not yet begun her own ascension into the higher academic realm.

How did she get so lucky to meet him? She was merely in the right place at the right time. She blessed the day she went on that errand for her mom in the nice neighborhood. Her mom had been ill so Nneoma had taken her place.

Mike had seen her then, and he had approached her. He had hunted her down in some sense and had found her afterwards. He was very kind, and very sweet. She didn’t know much about the opposite sex enough to know about how gifts were given to weaken a woman’s defenses. At least that’s how her mom put it when she found out. Mike gave her many gifts. All his gifts were precious to her. They were things she could not afford on her own and her family certainly couldn’t give her.

He bought her a dress and some perfume once. He asked her to don the outfit and meet up with him sometime the next week. Of course, she had to be discreet. She had a week to plan her adventure. She was going on fancy date. She had only dreamed of such a thing.
Nneoma dressed up at her friend, Lucy’s place. She used the perfume liberally and wore those beautiful pink heels she had borrowed from Lucy. Lucy also helped with her makeup.

When it was time to leave, Lucy said the strangest thing. “Make sure he uses a condom.”

Nneoma was about to ask Lucy what she meant when Mike blared the horn a second time. Lucy hurried her out to her date.


Nneoma had only heard about a condom once. She had never thought about it until now. Mike assured her that what was about to happen was normal between a man and a woman. He was very sweet about it too. She felt very different after that, like she knew a secret no one else did. That was until the signs came.

When she told Lucy, her older friend did not feel any type of way about saying “I told you so.” Lucy reminded her that she had asked her to make sure he was using a condom.

Mike wasn’t as happy as she thought he would be when she told him about her pregnancy. He took her to a place where she would get rid of it. Enough time had passed for people to figure out that Nneoma was no longer one person but two. Her parents had been outraged and so had the nosy neighbors. When Mike offered to do the needful, Nneoma’s church going parents didn’t refuse. They didn’t say anything.

She had an infection from the ordeal. She was later treated, but it was too late. Nneoma didn’t understand what everyone was saying. Her parents were grieved and she became the less than human child. A disgrace, really, at least that’s what her father said.
No responsible man approached Nneoma after that. People were always quick to rescue the unsuspecting suitor from a life of doom to childlessness and gossip.
Mike had completely abandoned her. She found out that he had gone to further his education abroad. Where was abroad? No one ever told her where. And even if they did, it wouldn’t make a difference.

Nneoma swept the side of the road under the scorching heat of the day. Her little orange cap that matched her uniform only made her feel more sweaty and tired from the day. Her skin was blackened with direct sunlight. She looked older than her thirty years.

The cars slowed into a traffic jam, and that’s when she saw him.
There were little children behind and a lovely looking woman in front. The car windows were completely shut but she could never forget his face.

“Mike!” Nneoma said, tapping the window. The man turned and a look of recognition was reflected in his eyes.

“Mike, is it really you?”

The woman beside him seemed to be asking him something, but the man was shaking his head. The traffic eased in that moment and the car zoomed off.

Nneoma shed fresh tears for her lost youth. She made a promise to the sky to hunt him down just like he hunted her down.

She finally found his big house a few weeks after.

She would make him pay.

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