Wired to Worship

Aug 20, 2019 | Bible Studies, Exhortation, Inspiration, Life Hacks

We are wired to gush. We are wired to be in awe of something greater than us. We are worshippers, every last one of us, and we worship on a regular basis.

Worship is when we give ourselves over to something or someone. When we submit our lives to the leadership of an ideology above all else. When we gaze in wonder at the magnificence of things. We worship when we idolize. We worship when we can never submit to any other authority but our own. We worship when we seek all the answers for life in tangible things. We worship intentionally and we worship subconsciously.

We are worshippers, every last one of us. We were wired to worship.

We worship celebrities. We worship spirituality. We worship money, success, family, children. We worship lovers. We worship political parties. We worship ideologies, countries. We worship ancestors. We worship food, drugs, alcohol. We worship body image. We worship the cover of magazines. We worship the face in our mirrors. We worship cool and trendy. We worship the stars. We worship a combination of deities and we worship them in new ways.

And then there is God, the only Creator. One God, who also became flesh and dwelt among us. Who showed us the greatest love (it was not learning to love yourself). Who is just and righteous and the vindicator of those who put their faith in Jesus Christ. This is the One who made us to worship Him.

As a little girl, I used to think that God needed our worship. Sunday school teachers didn’t quite teach that right. We are at our best when we worship God. Our best is not whatever we define it to be, but what He defines it to be. The God who made us to worship is perfect love and perfectly just. We could never think more ‘good’ than He does. We could never feel the pain of others’ suffering more than He does. We could never hate injustice more than He does. We could never love more than He does, because He is Love.

This is the God we were really wired to worship, but we find ourselves exchanging the worship of Him for the worship of other things. We would always be given away to sin when we set our eyes on lesser things: anything that isn’t God Himself.

In our world today, humility is like a curse word. It’s not cool to talk about. Be you. Do you. Think you. Speak your truth. The world is your stage. Don’t mind the haters. Respect your hustle. Love thyself. Self. Me before you. Humility forces us to acknowledge the greatness of God and the smallness of ourselves.

God calls us to completely give ourselves over to Him. He calls us to marvel at the wonder of Him. To praise Him for His wonderful works. To put our trust in Him. To surrender our lives to Him. To submit to His authority and Lordship. To seek Him above all else. To please Him above all else. To love Him with all our heart, and soul, and might. We were designed to worship YAHWEH. He is “I AM.” He is the beginning and the end. He just is. And that’s the coolest thing.

It is the most liberating thing to worship God. We can rest assured that He is. He is immovable. He is faithful. He cannot fail. He does not change like shifting shadows. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is worthy of our worship and praise. He is Love. He is perfection. He is almighty – Shaddai. He is everything. His love is better than life!

I will worship You, LORD, God forever!

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