Wild Thing_A Twisted Romance

Feb 14, 2020 | Boy-Girl Dynamics, Inspiration, Relationships, Short story

“This is what an African queen looks like,” she said as she stripped off her last item of clothing.

The man watched her curves with leery eyes, his pale skin flushing in response to her erotic dance.

Laila watched as the man slept deeply. His occasional snores broke her concentration and made her start counting again. She stifled a laugh when she was done. He had given her a lot of money for her company. What a sucker. She would have preferred it in his currency though.


This was her side gig for times when she wanted to make a lot of quick cash. It was just fun, some of the time at least. But she was tired of living like this. She didn’t want to have to work as hard as she did when she knew there were women like her who did nothing for much more. She wanted in, if only she knew how.



“I’m leaving this house! I’m leaving this wretched place. Look at this. It’s miserable.” Laila walked back and forth between her room and outside the cramped apartment, bundling her clothes in a hurry.


An older woman followed her, begging and calling her name.

“But what would we do without you? Your father and-“

“Don’t talk about him, mom. He’s dead to me.”


“Laila, don’t say that. And what about your younger brothers?”

Laila turned abruptly. She held her mom’s shoulders and shook her. “Stop it. I’ll send you guys help whenever I can, but make sure he gets none of it.”


With that Laila stormed out. She gave orders to the taxi driver who helped carry her bags into the car.

That was how she had left home a few years ago.


She never did pursue a university degree. No one in her family had. School wasn’t for her anyway, but she was great with people and fast at learning things. That’s how she got a job at a big name brand. Well, her way with people is what got her the job. The fact that she understood the economics of life. Give and get. She didn’t place too much value on her body, so she always thought that whoever she was transacting with was getting the shorter end of the stick. Suckers, all of them.

She worked in the lower rung of the company and it consisted of a lot of monotonous tasks and mind dulling activities. It wasn’t all bad though. She did on occasion get to be part of some bigger projects in a way that allowed her to learn new skills, and not to mention, the opportunity to meet young, handsome and better-paid employees.


Last night was still on her mind. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was way behind in her ambitions. She could do better.

She sat in a chair in the copy room and listened to the sounds of the machine. Something was comforting about the repetitive sounds. She would get a few minutes away from her boss’s abrasive personality.



“Hi,” a masculine voice said.

Laila turned to see a conventionally tall, dark-skinned handsome man looking at her.


Laila wasn’t one to feel self-conscious in these types of situations but she felt it right then. This is not how she was supposed to get herself to the top. She chided herself and sent an innocent bat of her eyelids in his direction. “Hello.”


He smiled and walked to another copy machine.

He didn’t look like he belonged there. He was dressed in a tailored suit. She knew rich clothing, and that’s what he had on.

As if he could read her thoughts he said, “My secretary just came down with something. It’s nice to do the grunt work for a change.”

“Nice, my foot,” Laila blurted. That was not what she meant to say, but he laughed.

“I’m Dike. What’s your name?”



And that’s how it started.


Everyone liked Dike. He was charming in the best and worst ways. Only a few people would ever know that underneath his calm and likable exterior was a raging storm.


It made their lovemaking even more pleasurable. He would go from ice to fire and they would make up for their chaotic relationship with sex. “My wild thing,” he would call her.

Laila was getting what she wanted. She didn’t need multiple men to meet her needs anymore. Soon she quit her job, just like he wanted her to. After all, it would be inappropriate to have their romance take place in the workplace.

He bought her all the fancy stuff she wanted, even the brands she couldn’t properly pronounce.


Dike had his bad days. He was different on those days, like a shell of himself. In those moments she would know real fear. It was palpable. She didn’t pay much attention to spiritual ideas, but he seemed possessed by a nefarious force.

The first time she saw him in that dark place, he didn’t do anything. But the look in his face made her want to scream.

It had happened only twice in their short relationship. The second time, he asked her if she would ever leave him. Laila said no, never. “Good.”

After that time, he began asking more of her. He introduced a new person into their relationship. She had partaken of orgies in the past, but this new character scared her. He was violent, and Dike enjoyed watching her suffer.


“Do you love me?” Dike asked one day.

Laila nodded. She knew it with everything in her. “Yes. I love you.” She had never said that to anyone.


He didn’t tell her he loved her back.


Laila braved a visit to the apartment she once shared with her family. It looked even more broken down than before.

“Laila,” her mom called out when she walked in.


“You look pale. You’ve lost weight.”

At that Laila began to shiver. She knew it was fear. She was afraid to look into her mother’s eyes. Afraid that her fear would show. She wished she could tell her mom what was happening to her.


The third time Dike went into his dark place, Laila was caught off guard.

She had come back with groceries to meet a dark house. When she turned on the lights, a scream escaped her throat.

Dike was sitting in the darkness.

He turned to her. “Would you die for me?”



Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.  This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. (1st John 4:8-10 NIV)

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