When No One Sees

Mar 9, 2018 | Dreams and the Future, Inspiration

You’re working in the trenches, labouring in the dark and no one sees.

You’re making sacrifices that no one knows.

You’re learning and growing and preparing.

When you do the things you’ve prepared for, and touch the lives you’ve prayed for, still no one may know.

And they’ll accuse you of fruitlessness. Some will laugh when you tell them just a bit of the whole you are. You’ll wonder and maybe you’ll be tempted to doubt.

And you’ll be reminded in the smiles, the changed lives, the peace in a set of eyes, tears of joy of the liberated, blessed people blessing, that the eternal fruit you’re pursuing cannot be priced by this world’s measure.

And one day Someone will say,

“Welcome good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Master. You’ve sought Me, loved Me, obeyed Me. I’m glad I sent you.”

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