Welcome back, Awesome Lady!

It’s been a great new start into this year, 2020. We have a lot to be thankful for even as we also recognize any among us that mourn.

We’re beginning this year at Uplift Girl with much hope. Last year was full of new exciting things we tried and stories we told. The highlight for me was the “True Stories” month we had where women from all walks of life, younger and older, shared their stories with us. We shared stories of love and friendship, and we shared stories of pain and abuse.

This year, we want to take you along with us on our journey of faith. We want to you become an active participant. We would love your feedback, your own stories of faith, and your good old support.

We’re tagging the month of January, “Women in the Bible”. We want to share stories about women in the Bible, some known, and some lesser known, who inspire us, or remind us of our own struggles.

Get ready for seven stories to be shared twice each week over the next few weeks of January. We’ll be sharing the stories of Jael, Eve, Michal, the Woman caught in Adultery, Dorcas, Eunice, and the Rich Woman who Paul met on one of his missionary journeys. It’s going to be a mix of fiction and commentary interwoven throughout each post.

What do you say? Make Uplift Girl your go to community this year.

May the Lord lead us by His Spirit and give us a hunger for Him that He will fill!


Cheers and Much Love,
Mema Daisy

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