Weak People, Strong God

Mar 26, 2019 | Exhortation, Inspiration, Poetry

Weak People, Strong God


I write this for me. I write this for you. I write this for everyone who has come to the end of themselves, and for those I hope would get there.


We cannot do it in our strength

No not our own strength

Cannot lift this weight

Cannot even make a dent


What we have is feeble

It does not last


We’re unable to know

Neither can we forecast

None of us know

None can make to last


Come to me children

He calls out

Let me lift that heavy weight


Let us lift it from here to there

Then you may take it from there if you so care


But I can carry it all the way

I can carry it all, don’t you know it to be so?


Even so we say

We have strength enough

For this heavy weight


Nay, no, there’s no way

I made it all

I know this to be so

The strength you have is no strength

No strength at all


You have all strength

Lift us up O Lord

You alone have all the strength

We cry out, Lord, we are spent!


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