We Are Clay

Oct 22, 2019 | Inspiration, Micro Stories, Poetry

We’re constantly being molded

On the Potter’s wheel


He kneads us

Knocks the air bubbles out of us

So that we can withstand the testing


He’s constantly forming us

Giving us shape

He moves us one way

And then another

He lets us go through the fire


We come out at the other end, beautiful

Like He planned from the beginning

We know that He is good


He acts towards us with great patience

He loves what He sees even before He begins

He loves what He sees in the end


He knows our stories

He leads us to the finish

We are His work of art

His work

God’s work


God is working

So should we be

While we still have the opportunity

Let’s keep laboring


Let’s not give up

We are becoming what He planned

We’re beginning to look like Him

In how we live and move and how we’re being


Jesus carried His cross

And we carry our cross

We wash feet like He did


We are low, least, and dying daily

We are beginning to look like Him


We are clay on the Potter’s wheel

In our Potter’s hands

We are being made beautiful

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