Voices In My Head

Sep 3, 2019 | Inspiration, Micro Stories, Poetry, Prayers

Voices in My Head


It’s a constant buzzing

It doesn’t seem to stop

I learn how to mask it

To have other layers on top


You have to, you have to

They tell me

Do, do, do


It’s not enough

Did you remember what you forgot?

More, more

Run around


Tick, check the boxes

On your to do list

There’s a thousand more


Worry, worry



Please let me breathe


God I can’t stop the voices in my head

Lord, there’s so much white noise

I don’t even know what the voices are saying

I’m just hearing this constant buzz


Help please I’m drowning

But nobody can see

I look so complete


There are voices in my head

Lots of noises


Jesus your name is above it all

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

I call on your name




I can finally breathe


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