To the Girl Who Needs To Be Uplifted

Jun 11, 2019 | Inspiration, Letters From A Girlfriend

Dear Girl Who Needs Some Uplifting,


‘I have found a friend in Jesus; he’s everything to me,

He’s the fairest of ten thousand to my soul;

He’s the lily of the valley, the bright and morning star

He tells me every care on him to roll’


That’s a little excerpt from the evergreen poem ‘I have found friend in Jesus’ by William Charles Fry. It’s a hymn I find really uplifting each time I hear it. I will tell you why I choose this hymn soon.


I have always been someone who loves friendship and Family- in fact I just love people. I was so serious that my mum teased me of making friends even on the pedestrian bridge.

I will always give the best I could be for people around me, even when it wasn’t convenient. I would go out of my way to make them feel loved; at least that’s what I thought.

But I got hurt; each time I didn’t get the same effort I had put in for them. It was really annoying- I would cry sometimes. I would ask God If I didn’t deserve to be treated better than that.

From all I had experienced I didn’t just build walls around myself in order not to get hurt again or be mistreated- but I harboured a lot of unforgiveness against such people.

‘Was I a bad person? Why should they treat me badly?’

I struggled with this question a lot.

Unforgiveness, I have come to realize, is such a killer- it didn’t just affect me emotionally, but physically as well.

Do your offenders and more importantly, yourself the favour of forgiving.

I had to get to a place where I had to ask God for help to forgive and be free. It’s honestly not as easy as people say. Sometimes it’s not forgiving but remembering the hurts again (forgiveness sure doesn’t erase the memory), that makes it tough. I didn’t know how to deal with all these without getting angry again. I needed HELP!!!

I had to rely on God’s word and His Holy spirit for help. The Bible places so much emphasis on forgiveness, meaning that there is so much to it.

I had to leave it at the Cross, I had to let them go and stop dwelling on them, most importantly I prayed for them- its hard to bless people who have hurt you but God can still use any being he wants to.

I have come to realize that everyone has a tendency to disappoint us and get on our nerves just like we have a tendency to disappoint others. I have realized in as much as I love people, I also hurt people in one way or the other. Knowing this makes life a little easier.

There is no PERFECT friend like Jesus, that’s why I got a few lines out of the hymn above. We all need human support; we all need people to cheer us on in life when we get down, but God should remain our HOPE AND ROCK. It’s easier to transfer confidence to humans; I have seen it happen in my life.

Don’t put pressure on any human not to disappoint you. You may just keep being disappointed.

Find a friend in Jesus today, pour all your cares and worries on him and watch your life blossom.


With Love,


My name is Adoo Atera- I’m from Benue state, Nigeria. I am currently a student of  International Relations (yeah, we all want to be  global 😊) in the University of Mkar, Mkar. My greatest dream is to see girls restored and to see them shine. I blog about this on my site, Purple Light. I am a poet, writer, and bead maker (I love anything creative)

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