To the Girl Who Needs Some Motivation

Jul 9, 2019 | Inspiration, Letters From A Girlfriend

Dear Girl In Need of Motivation,




Welcome to today! I know you need some motivation and that’s why I’m writing this piece.


You sleep and wake up to life. You’re alive. You can breathe. There is a purpose for your existence. You’re not just another human on planet earth. You’re not just another number. You were planned by God. He made you specifically with an intent in His mind. He says the very hairs on your head are all numbered* Your contribution is needed on this planet today, but your life is not about you alone. It’s about Someone bigger and something bigger, and we need to choose to play our parts well.


There is the nasty, and there is the pleasant. In the midst of it, you have to say, “I am needed here. If it were not so, I wouldn’t be alive today. I choose to give my best. I choose to contribute my quota. I choose to play my part well.”


Living life on earth is a team effort, and we have to be great team players. We have to be able to say, “My customers need me. My organization needs me. My team needs me. My country needs me. My family needs me. I need me.”


I think about my stewardship on earth. It’s amazing thing to consider that God is the owner of my breath and He has expectation of me like a farmer has expectation of his sown land. But it’s hard not to seek the applause of people. The praise of men is cheap, but the applause that matters is God’s.


Step out each day, seeking and working towards the applause of God in everything.


Psalm 92 is one of my favorite psalms for when things get tough – particularly the first and second verses. I remind myself of this psalm and count my blessings, telling myself not to forget God’s blessings and lovingkindness.




“It is good to praise the LORD and make music to Your name, O Most High, proclaiming Your love in the morning and Your faithfulness at night, to the music of the ten-stringed lyre and the melody of the harp.”


(Psalm 92:1,2 NIV)


We’re going to shut our eyes here on earth one day, and open it before the One who knows it all. It will matter then even more how we lived today. There are things that call out for our attention, but we will remind ourselves of the things that matter.


Girl in need of motivation, I love that I get the chance to motivate you. I hope you would also motivate yourself. Self-motivation is one of the key attributes you must possess. Welcome again to today! Step into the week and give your best!




*Matthew 10:30


I’m Temilola Fatukasi. I’m a lawyer and the President of Leading Brains and Beauty Initiative, Nigeria.

Through my initiative, I seek to raise icons of leadership and excellence, and empower those in need as well as orphans.

Facebook:  @TemiMopelola

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