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Mar 20, 2018 | Life Hacks

Some of us prefer quiet spaces. My favourite places are many, as long as there’s me, God, and nature. Me sitting down in a cane chair supported by soft cushions staring at the sunrise or into the sunset – that’s a picture worth looking forward to.

Sometimes the quiet folks struggle with the verse of scripture that says “Let your light shine that others may see…” How can we get people to see when we want to hide away?

God made each of us uniquely. And when He said those words he had our uniqueness in mind. You see, love has many expressions. Sometimes it’s identifying the needs of a group, and sometimes it’s identifying the needs of an individual. Either way, it’s love when we take action, realising the needs.

One expression of my love for God and for you is writing on this blog. Being honest, being open, and speaking the truth in love. It’s only one expression, but I believe it counts. This is my lil’ light shining that others may see and give glory to God.

What ways can ‘you’- you, not people in general – shine your light? How do you pay attention to the needs around you? How can you help? How can you tell someone else the good news that Jesus Christ has come to reconcile us to God, and through Him we have the forgiveness of sins and a home with God?

Trust me, I think about this all the time, and not always in a good way, because I struggle. How can I give you the best of what I have? How can I give my neighbour the best of what I have? How can I let my light shine?

When I think of light, I think of Jesus (not every single time I think of light). Our light is not merely our niceness or even our acceptance and tolerance. Those are good, but those aren’t the true light that came into the world once for all: that’s Jesus. There’s no adding to what Jesus already completed. There’s no new revelation after Jesus. He’s not merely a nice guy or a prophet. Jesus is LORD. Jesus is the light that has come into the world. This is the light that we can let shine in us first and then through us.

One little expression of love after another; one little act of telling the good news. One little sharing of our meagre resources so others may see, and find their own home in God, rejoicing, happy, delivered from the bondage of brokenness and sin, growing in truth, being transformed day after day.

So quiet one, you may never have to speak on a podium to thousands, but you could shine your light to the one – the one neighbour you see just about every day. There are many expressions of love. One of the most important being to tell someone else about Jesus and what He has done!

So let your lil’ ol light shine!

“In the same way, let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:16)

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