Think Deeply About Your Faith

Nov 12, 2019 | Bible Studies, Exhortation, Inspiration

I love the Christian faith for so many reasons. I love that it was God’s initiative to bring about our salvation. Today’s modern world has many people wondering why there was a need for salvation in the first place. Our own evaluation of our goodness has made us blind to our need.

I love to talk to other Christians about our common faith. I love to engage with those who don’t yet believe as well. There’s so much to learn and to understand, and every year that passes, my mind is blown away by Jesus Christ and the Bible.

I like to think about my faith. I love it when God’s word is opened to me in a way that I can see it clearly and understand what it means.

I am saddened however when I see the Christian faith reduced to a nearly unrecognizable form by people who say that they are of Christ. It saddens me because Christianity has been reduced in many circles to a nice set of solutions to life. It’s more than that. It is life.

What happens, fellow believers in Christ, when your faith is questioned? Would you prefer to not think about it because it works for you and that’s enough? How about your unbelieving friend or neighbor whose life hangs in the balance? Is it enough to say to her, “Do what feels right to you, as long as you’re happy?” Is there a standard of truth by which we would all be judged or is it okay as long as everyone has something they believe in?

I think it’s becoming clearer in our world today that mere professions of faith would not stand the test of time and the trials to come. Lines are being drawn and only those with real conviction can stand.

I beg you to think deeply about the Christian faith no matter what side you’re on right now. Our faith is real, based on facts, evidence, and experience to back up fact. There is historical evidence, there is the conscience, there is the problem of evil in the world. Our God is not afraid of being investigated or questioned. He gave us all minds to think and to wonder and to question. The creator of the universe beckons us to come.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to Me and drink.” -Jesus Christ (John 7:37)

Look to Jesus. Ask Him. Seek Him. Listen to Him. Think about Him.

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