They Called Her a Witch

Mar 22, 2019 | Inspiration, Micro Stories, Poetry, Short story

They Called Her a Witch

She spoke in her sleep
She had strange dreams
She was often found walking in the mid of the night

She would not mingle even when she was forced
Can’t you even talk?

She ate alone
She walked alone
She even murmured to herself

Her face was contorted with that constant sadness
That must be regret
For all of the death
Her hand must have caused

Can’t you wear something other than black?
Ngozi is friendly
And look how fine she is
Why can’t you be more like her?

Everybody likes her
They want to be like her
She’s the centre of this town
Shay you see

Men flock to her
Girls want to be her
She’s the life of the party abi? 

Are you listening to me?

It was Ngozi
That had first called her a witch
When they were only just kids

It was Ngozi that had woken up screaming
Nkechi attacked me in the dream!

More lies were added
More blaming too
Nkechi, this bad thing happened because of you

She tried to speak
But they would rather believe
The pretty witch
Who was good at what she did

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