The Wants That I Want

Jan 26, 2018 | Dreams and the Future

If there’s anybody who knows how to want something, it’s me. I have wanted things to my own detriment, but thank the Lord that He didn’t let me get crushed.

I came into this year with a lot of hope, but I was misled by old wants and desires into the temptation to despair. Sometimes when weΒ  want something so badly, we become so fixated on it that we can see nothing else. This is exactly what I did.

These are the true wants of my soul. I want to live my life with the fullest expression of freedom in God this year. I want and believe God that I can truly live ‘the abundant life’ that Jesus promised.

To live this kind of life, much trust is required. Little children at a certain age find it hard to trust. You take away a beloved toy for a moment in order to give them something they need and they cry like it’s the end of the world. I’ve been like that sometimes, crying like it’s the end of the world when God asks me to let something go for a moment. This year I want to trust God more completely.

I want to live my life to it’s fullest in love, faith, hope, joy, and good works in God’s kingdom. I want to be fully me – the me that God designed me to be. I want to love and give, and take charge, and help and challenge, and make real impact. I want to grow and write and create and experience. I want to laugh and comfort and lift up many. I want to show someone God’s love and mercy. I want to be a conduit of God’s power to heal, deliver and mend the broken hearted.

And I don’t want anything less.

I don’t want to want to hold on to lesser wants so tightly that I miss these real spiritual longings of my soul. I don’t want to exchange the big picture for a pixel.

My soul longs for a better life, and I believe that I can only experience this life when I trust rather than when I’m afraid. I can experience this abundant life if I make up my mind to swim against the tide rather than along with it.

I can and you can. Let nothing hold us back.

I choose the abundant life, and nothing and no one would take it away from me. Amen.


Peace to you,

Mema Daisy