The Gift You Gave Me_A Short Story

Dec 6, 2019 | Dreams and the Future, Inspiration, Letters, Life Hacks, Micro Stories, Relationships, Short story

I remember the gift in the pretty wrap.

When I saw it the first time it was trembling in your hands.

My first thought was,

“Why is his hand shaking?”

My second was,

“Wow, what a beautiful wrap.”

It was the first gift you gave me.

I smiled into your eyes as I unwrapped it.

It was a beautiful leather-bound Bible.

I was overjoyed.

In my book, it cost a tonne.

I knew you had taken your time to think of the best gift.

I loved you even more for it.

It was the first Bible I had ever been given as a gift and it was beautiful in every way.

I thought about you when I wrote in its margins the first time.

I thought about how you had shared your own story of faith with me and how it led me to believe.

I grew up in a home without God.

The Name Jesus was a curse word.

I had hated Christians as well as any other “organised” religion or its religious people.

You taught me that there was a difference.

You made God seem so near.

I had only thought of Him as the Santa Claus in the sky.

Or the fearful Master that was out to get people for wanting a little bit of fun in their lives.

But when I heard the gospel for the first time…I mean when I really heard it, it cut me to my soul.

I felt so dirty.

So weighed down.

And then I heard the hope.

Even though I was a sinner, Jesus Christ, God Himself in the flesh, had paid the price for me.

I thought about all the horrible things I had said, thought and done.

It was still hard sometimes to believe that I could be loved and forgiven by Him.

You also forgave me even when you knew the things I had done.

You remind me of Jesus.

When I read the scriptures and see your life, I understand a little better what loving like Him looks like.

Soma is just a year old, but I read to her sometimes from the Bible you gave me.

I pray some day soon she’ll understand that Jesus loves her.

And when she’s old enough, I pray she’ll have a man to walk beside her that loves her just as you’ve loved me.

I trust that you’d do the right thing where you are.

I know you’ll make us proud.

I slipped this note into your Bible.

When it’s your turn to speak, I know you’ll say the truth.

I’ll be praying for you.

Tell them what your hope is in.

Oh, and thank you for the gift you gave me. I know I’ve said a million times over all these years.




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