The Eyes That See_A Short Story

Jul 26, 2019 | Micro Stories, Poetry, Short story

His eyes saw everything

They didn’t think he was even watching

He saw them in the day

And also in the night

Through his window

He was their neighbor

Their all purpose neighbor

He helped to fix their furniture

Or a leaking roof

He did occasional laundry

And kept the compound clean

And he saw everything

He was very busy

But that didn’t take away the idleness

An idle man is the devil’s workshop

He had heard a wise orange seller say

So he kept busy watching

He was observing

The lives that came and went

They didn’t notice him

He was a real wallpaper

He heard their arguments

And secret conversations

He learned to be silent

As they divulged their deepest secrets

Daudu that thing you fixed is still leaking

He would go back and do a second job

Never a third

He didn’t want them to get suspicious

Or find another all-purpose neighbor

He heard the man on the phone with his girlfriend

He saw the teenage daughter sneak out of the house

He knew the white stuff the son was sniffing

And the wife whose mouth could never shut

He knew their secret sins

He saw their exposed struggles

He knew their major weak spots

Though he was a good man as they thought

He had introduced the girlfriend

And kept quiet about the daughter’s escape

He had purchased the white stuff himself

And sold it to the rich boy at a high price

He was always fixing and spoiling

And listening to everything

He was the master of the chaos

A servant to a higher purpose

So when the Ola family crashed

When they were broken, robbed and torn

Daudu sighed contentedly

His work was truly done

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