The Connectedness of Faith

Jun 4, 2019 | Inspiration, Life Hacks

The faith of a single person is like a thread in the tapestry of the plan of God. One person’s act of obedience prompted by faith can cause a ripple effect that spans a thousand years.

For us, in a sense, it began with Abraham, a simple family man with a growing business. He was minding his life when God picked him out to begin a chain of events that would lead to the salvation of mankind.

On the Mount of Moriah, Abraham is faced a choice of faith like he’s never been. In that moment it seems it’s just him, his son Isaac, and God, and yet thousands of years after, it would include me, the writer, retelling his story.

It continued also with Mary, a virgin girl whose simple faith was honored. “I’m available,” she said. And she was.

Mary’s faith involved saying yes, bearing the shame of being called an unfaithful woman, pondering God-orchestrated events in her heart, and raising a son to the best of her knowledge in the fear of God.

Mary’s faith was also connected to Priscilla and Aquila’s faith. They saw a potential minister of God in the person of Apollos and helped him better understand the gospel and person of Jesus. Apollos went on to be a powerful and popular preacher.

Lois’ and Eunice’s faith impacted the life of their grandson and son’s faith. Timothy became Paul’s son in the faith. Timothy was shown to care for God’s people sincerely and came highly recommended by Paul himself. His devotion was definitely influenced by what he saw his mom and grandma live out.

On the flip side, our disobedience, or indifference prompted by faithlessness also produces ripple effects.

If I don’t play my part, someone might lose out. If I keep silent, or play the middle ground, if I go with the flow, if I give in or give up…

My faith has been impacted by countless numbers of lives. Those I know of are difficult to number, much less those who I cannot know until this age passes for me.

Our faith counts. Our obedience counts. Our lives count more than we can know. We cannot afford to live for ourselves alone. We must live unto God, and we must live with the consciousness of our neighbor. If we ask who our neighbor is, Jesus has already told that story.

I am comforted that someone is praying for me. Someone who knows me is praying for me, and someone who has never met me has prayed for me. What an amazing joy and comfort in knowing that we do not walk this path of faith alone.

What a comfort to know that we are connected, that perhaps the impact of our obedience would be felt in ways we can hardly quantify. And perhaps when the LORD would give us rewards for the time spent on earth, we would learn more about what chain of events our obedience prompted. We would also, by the grace of God get the chance to embrace many whose acts of obedience prompted our own.


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