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Safe House

It’s especially difficult for someone like me to be vulnerable. I’m way too sensitive for my own liking. The upside to my sensitivity is that I’m also really sensitive to other people and their feelings. Mushy mush, I know. Do you have people you can be vulnerable with? Are you also a sensitive soul who… Continue reading Safe House

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A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

Dear Fifteen Year Old Me, You’re in a new phase of your life, you’re more open now, and you’ve made even more friends. I’m proud of you. But you’ve also embraced sadness as a way of life. You think way too much, and read too much meaning in the smallest of things. You want so… Continue reading A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

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The Girl With The Beautiful Scars

*This is an old story I published elsewhere.   "Erase me Give me a new body Let me die and wake up as someone else Feel the jagged lines on me Wipe away this memory"   I believe that every one of us has scars. Memories of the injuries that we have because of the… Continue reading The Girl With The Beautiful Scars

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Can You Pass This Test?

Can you pass this test? Can you choose to hold on to God’s promises in spite of the circumstances around you? Can you spot the counterfeit and choose righteously this time? Will you guard your heart with all diligence and no more make room for the enemy’s devices? Can you choose faith over feelings- waiting… Continue reading Can You Pass This Test?