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Thank You Heavenly Father for showing me what was in my heart and teaching me the right way to go.

I have often thought purpose as a list of specific tasks that I have to check off.

If, I thought to myself, ‘”This” is what I’m supposed to to do,” then I would just go ahead and do it with the satisfaction that I have accomplished a task. But Love does not work that way.

Love does not have a set schedule or a job description. Love does not have a one-size-fits-all answer for every problem. Love does not premeditate its responses the same way a doctor prescribes medication for a specific illness.

Love gets right into the mess, and patiently holds the hands of its neighbor, knowing that each person is unique and each mess is without a measure.

Love does what needs to be done. Love listens. Love does not need a uniform because its role is diverse. Love is humble. Love hopes. Love is patient; love waits.

Father, I’m sorry for trying to live the easy way. I wouldn’t believe that You loved me if You didn’t come right into my mess – our mess. Lord Jesus, every time I think of what You did, I KNOW that You did it for ME. I wasn’t merely a face in the crowd. I know that because You came right into my mess, with all its difficult and unique parts.

“Where can I escape from Your love? Even if I lay my bed in hell, You are there!” (Psalm 139: 7,8)

Thank You LORD!

Love is Purpose. 


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27 September 2014 On Love

27 September 2014

LORD, the thing You want the most from me is for me to love You. You want me to love You. Woa!

How simply this request is presented in the Bible, but how complicated I’ve made it to be. How lovely. How wonderful it is: The thing God wants the most is for me to love Him. Nothing is greater than this.

The greatest commandment, I believe, has sometimes lost it’s intensity in it’s translation to the English language. I believe that the whole point of explaining how to love God by loving Him “with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength” is an EXTREMELY passionate request of God- of His desire for a passionate, all-consuming love. Romantic love is modeled after this great love that God has both shown and desired to receive.

“…if I have not love, I am nothing.”