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Tag! I’m It.

 Not my ministry, not my work, not my relationship or marriage, not the movie I want to make, not the help I want to give, not the things I know, not the ideas I come up with, not all my good intentions.

It’s like we’re in a game of Tag, and God says to us “Tag! I’m it.” That’s not how the game is played we say. “It’s tag you’re it, so I’M it.” We say. Duh, God.

“An idol is whatever you look at and say in your heart of hearts, ‘If I have that, then I’ll feel my life has meaning, then I’ll know I have value, then I’ll feel significant and secure.” – Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery (Pulling Back the Shades)
I said this quote over and over to myself before writing this post. My striving was exposed for what it was. I felt like I was watching a movie of my life plus the bloopers! I have made good things idols along the way. Some I recognized , and others I didn’t until now.

Can God fully and truly satisfy us minus all the other “good” things that we just must have? All the logical things that we just must have – that we are certain we need? Could we truly be satisfied?

The truth is I don’t have all the answers right now. But I hope to have the answers I need soon. My eyes feel like they’ve been opened. I had no idea that they were closed.

I’ve thought about Joseph. God gave him an amazing dream (two actually, but they were pointing to the same thing), but it took thirteen whole years experience what God had showed him long before. The dream was good – great even. I imagine what torture it could have been for Joseph if that’s all he thought about while being a slave and subsequently, a prisoner for a crime he didn’t commit?

How about Abraham? Father Abraham. God says to papa AB, “I’m going to give you a son. Like from your actual body.” He waits twenty-five years with his wife Sarah before that would ever happen. If all he ever thought about was having that child, what torture it would have been to wait without a set date? God didn’t tell him when. Not until a year before anyway.
God didn’t always tell people exactly when. Not Noah. Not David. He still doesn’t always tell us now. Wouldn’t it be torture if that’s all we thought about? When our God-given dreams would come true?

God doesn’t want us to look to any thing to fill us up. Even good things – especially good things – can become idols. God wants us to look to Him. He wants to be IT.

If I was really honest with myself, I would say that I would love to know what that’s like: A life of God completely satisfying.

I want to be full today. Always. Never wanting for anything. Come rain or sunshine. Through storms and stillness. To be truly full. Not ok. Not just ok.

I don’t want to strive anymore. I don’t want to push and claw through life. To have and have. I want my identity to be completely in Christ. My value, my significance, my happiness and joy, my peace, my hope, my adventures.

I know in my heart that the answer lies in saying, “Ok, God, Father…I give up. You be IT. Have it your way. I don’t like surprises but fine. Why don’t You decide where we’re going today? Why don’t You decide our activities today? You want me to go where?! Ok..? OK! I can do that. Do what?! problem. Wait? Err..sure. Anything You say is fine with me. I trust You with my life. You already gave me Yours. I’ve got absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose if I realize that I’m not even mine.”


Your turn.

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They Believed the Lie.

book_heart-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg“They believed the lie”. This phrase lifted out of the 2Thessalonians 2:11 verse is a foreshadowing of danger, and as well a present reminder of the fact that we could fall prey to lies. I am not merely speaking of lies that people tell, but a deception by the real enemy of mankind, which is the devil.
For many, the idea of the devil in a personified figure is laughable but for others, it is true.
In 2Corinthians 2:10 and 11, Apostle Paul writes to the Corinthians to forgive a certain fellow believer and also to do so in order that “Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.”
Paul says this knowing full well that if the church didn’t forgive this brother, it would create an opening for hurt and all kinds of dissension and distractions. The latter part of the statement gives us insight to the mind of God for His children. He doesn’t want us ignorant of the enemy’s schemes. He wants us to be aware that we could fall into mind traps by the things we choose or choose not to believe.
Sometimes we find ourselves going down certain paths, knowing there’s something wrong but not being able to get off the path. I know this all too well. I’ve found myself believing all kinds of lies. Lies like “this is all there is to life”; lies like “you have or had no other choice”, “God doesn’t care about that part of your life”, “being pure is impossible” and so many more. There are a billion and one lies for the picking.
The thing is, we may not always immediately recognize these lies and that’s why we need a standard. For some people this may sound cliche, but the word of God ought to be our standard – our weapon against the lies of the enemy. This is what Paul calls “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” in Ephesians 6:17.
All I’m saying is, whenever you find yourself being overwhelmed by a thought or even your feelings, remember Jesus our Lord, being tempted in the wilderness by the devil. He came to Jesus with all kinds of lies wrapped up with just a tiny bit of seeming truth and attempted to overwhelm the Christ, but we know what happened in the end. Jesus said to him, “it is written…”. It is written, “the word of the Lord is a lamp to my feet”(Psalm 119:105).
What I know for sure is that God intended us to live a full life…a life of love…a life of honor. Whatever is acting as a barrier to that, we can put under the microscope of the word and see clearly. And live free!
Sometimes, all you need to do is see the truth clearly.
I dare myself to believe the word of God above my thoughts and my feelings. I dare myself to actual know the word of God about any and every one of my circumstances. And I dare you. I dare you to believe the truth.

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Restless Spirit

For the most part of my life, I have been defined by my dreams and ambitions. GREAT ones at that. The more impossible, the better. Every year was lived for the year or years ahead. The past was a great resource and the future was my passion. But the present? Hmph. Dread. 

Actually stopping and living in today? Actually not trying to make tomorrow fit into my lofty ideas? That’s scary. How does a person do that? 

One day, I realized that I was in Tomorrow. Tomorrow was today. Big revelation. What have I accomplished with my life? 

Today, I penned down my most significant experiences. I didn’t go into much detail, but I penned them down nonetheless. They didn’t consist in any of my supposed successes. They had more to do with the people I had blessed in some way and those who had blessed me. With a smile. With words. With their lives. Specific points in my life that have affected me. They were about people. They were about the love and patience of God. 

I’m restless as I usually am and  the source of my restlessness is fear. Fear that I would be wasting God’s precious gifts-especially the gift of time. I imagine that greatness is about businesses and legacies and some great deed that makes the world pay attention and applaud. I realize that I am wrong. To be greatest in the kingdom is to be least said Jesus. 

But what if I miss these opportunities? What if my life doesn’t make a dent? What if I live out my life like every normal person? Fears. Perfect love casts out all fear the Bible says. I could never be normal if I choose love. Loving isn’t normal. Loving is hard some times. Often. A lot?

God, I really want to understand this. Please Lord, help me be transformed by the truth. Thank You LORD.  




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Lessons On Purpose

It turns out that this following God thing is the only way.

There’s no special calling or purpose apart from Him. How we do the things that please God is to walk with Him. He created us for relationship and now we can communicate freely. He can speak to us and we can listen. We can speak to Him and He will listen.

There’s no doing good apart from Him. There’s no accomplishing anything without Him. The Lord Jesus said: “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” It couldn’t be clearer than that. ONLY ONE THING IS NEEDFUL, Jesus said. I choose that good part. Amazing. 😊

Thank you LORD!

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Certain Truths

I believe that at this time God is calling me into a new way of life. Whereas, previously, I was building the Tower of Babel, now, He wants me on the ground. He wants me to till, to plant, to water and to wait patiently for the harvest!

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is steady foundation that I can lean on. God is truth – there is no falseness in Him. He is light – in Him there is no darkness at all.

My Heavenly Father wants me to know that some things are certain: God, His love and His Word which is unshakeable truth.

I’ve been called to worship Him in spirit and in truth, in simple child-like faith, without ambition and without worry.

So many things look different to me now, and I’m rediscovering who God made me to be. By this I mean that He is opening my eyes to every needless weight my soul has borne so I can be as free as a bird to serve Him.

It’s all new to me. I fear stumbling, but God reminds me that some things are certain. God is unshakeable truth. God IS and that’s all that matters!


Thank you LORD!


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Seeking After God

Jesus died so I could be restored into a relationship with God, and He has given me the same ministry of reconciliation.

I realize that when my daily pursuit isn’t God Himself and His calling to join Him in His work, I am vulnerable to enslavement by false gods because I start to seek my identity and worth in things rather than in my Creator.

My goal in life is to seek after God. Each day- every day. God spoke to my heart and helped me see that everything has a place. He was teaching me about Himself as my priority, but I understand now that I didn’t quite get this. For a period, I have been chasing after things and fallen into a dark pit of doubt, sin and shame. But now He’s showing me the beauty of His word, of His love and of His life. I’m so excited! Thank You LORD!

I love knowing I am loved and saved through Christ!!! 😀

Life is so simple when we realize who and what we are living for each day- every moment of our lives. For me, it just makes everything else in my life- every seemingly important activity that has taken over my mind- so inconsequential. Gosh. I feel like I’ve been living in the dark for so long! Now I can see. God’s freedom is mine and I embrace it. I feel like I’ve been living life out of context! God is my life and my purpose!

P.S. I a just spent $15 on a blog theme I can’t use. Paying for my impatience. 😦

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The Important Things

I must confess that this isn’t the sunniest period of my life. I’m having to learn endurance much more than I’d like. Being where I am and experiencing what I am has forced me to define what things are important- what things should be important.

The first thing is that God is the Designer. He created the laws that always come into effect in this world. For example, the law of gravity: if you throw an orange up, it might come crashing down on your face. God designed us to be transformed by the hard things we experience. “Jesus Christ, though he was the Son, learned patience by the things he suffered.” (Hebrews 5:8) Even Christ.

I’m going through a lot of hard and uncomfortable things, and they are happening all at once. But the thing that bothered me he most is how God sees me. I’m concerned to ask, “Father, am I doing alright?” What should be my focus? What are the things that if I do them right, I’ve done alright? 

I used to think the big questions in life where about figuring out he right career to fit my passion. Good intentions. But, “we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is UNSEEN is eternal.” (2Corinthians 4:18 emphasis added). Everything else is secondary. It about what give and bear in LOVE. It’s about how we love God and others. That’s it. 

Everything on earth is designed to work with us or against us. But we get to choose. We get to choose what we keep our eyes fixed on. We get to choose the important things.

It’s important for me to share all these things with whomever may pass by. It’s important for me to respond in love to those who need it- by my empathy, my words and my actions. It’s important for me to endure when I’m in the valley, keep walking when I’m on the plains and rejoice when I’m on the mountain. Abase and abound. Bear and receive. 

I am humbled everyday when He teaches me the right direction to look. I am humbled that I should know this love and freedom in going His own way- a way designed in love for me. Abba, Father…

Here’s a helpful link to a devotional I read recently:

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I Think I Just Owned My Life!


Please help me to embrace my life- to own every part of it. Help me to acknowledge that even the painful parts are mine.

Sometimes I’m tempted to run away from it- to deny that it is mine. Help me not to run away but to own it and give it to You. If I acknowledge it then I can say, “LORD, I give You MY pain,” and You can be Lord over it.

I’m owning it all now- everything.

It’s not easy, but I feel at home now in my own skin and in my own life. If I am pinched, it will hurt. If I’m embraced, it would put a smile on my face.

I don’t understand it all, but I think I just owned my life!

Thank You LORD! ☺️

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Lose. Gain. Win.

“For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?” (Matthew 16:26a)

“For whosoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whosoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 16:25)

Lord, I believe You’re asking me to really look at my life right now. I believe You’re asking me to choose. I see that I can’t serve two masters at a time; I cannot give in part.

I choose to surrender it all.

You say that I’ll be judged by my works. Please let my works reflect a life “lost” for Your sake. Amen.

Thank You Lord. I choose YOU! 😀


3 November 2014

3 November 2014

Earlier that day…
I don’t want to fight my singleness at all; I want to embrace it wholly. But I find myself wanting relationship and connection and love. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s something you wait for or something you go after, but going after has never worked for me, and waiting isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I want to stop wanting OR get it already. I don’t have either of these. I feel like I need God to show me that I’ve been wrong somewhere, or help me wait right. Too much?

Later in the day…
I can see things more clearly and I’m very hopeful now. I realize that I have been looking for the wrong thing(s) and looking in the wrong direction, but what I realize I needed to be looking for is now within reach. I feel so different –like someone who for a long time has had her head in the clouds, but finally gets to see what happens on the ground. It is an amazing and a refreshingly freeing revelation!
Thank You Lord!!!

God helped me embrace the beauty of friendship and simplicity. He helped me embrace patience. 🙂