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It’s Bigger Than You

You were made for something bigger. You’ve been called by God to something bigger. It’s not about you; it’s bigger than you. There is a grand design and a grand plan. It’s a bigger plan you or I could ever come up with. It looks more like a carpenter’s son growing up after a while… Continue reading It’s Bigger Than You

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Safe House

It’s especially difficult for someone like me to be vulnerable. I’m way too sensitive for my own liking. The upside to my sensitivity is that I’m also really sensitive to other people and their feelings. Mushy mush, I know. Do you have people you can be vulnerable with? Are you also a sensitive soul who… Continue reading Safe House

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A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

Dear Fifteen Year Old Me, You’re in a new phase of your life, you’re more open now, and you’ve made even more friends. I’m proud of you. But you’ve also embraced sadness as a way of life. You think way too much, and read too much meaning in the smallest of things. You want so… Continue reading A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self