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When No One Sees

You’re working in the trenches, labouring in the dark and no one sees. You’re making sacrifices that no one knows. You’re learning and growing and preparing. When you do the things you’ve prepared for, and touch the lives you’ve prayed for, still no one may know. And they’ll accuse you of fruitlessness. Some will laugh… Continue reading When No One Sees

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Jesus’ Grace is Sufficient, Really

God is intentional about how much information He gives to us and how much He withholds from us. The lives of present day saints, their testimonies, and the testimonies and lives of the saints in the Bible teach us that we are to have faith even when we do not immediately see the outcome of… Continue reading Jesus’ Grace is Sufficient, Really

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Not The Best Judge of Character

I’m intuitive. It plays a major role in my personality. But I have found myself overestimating my ability to figure people or situations out. Being intuitive, in addition with other creative inclinations, makes me able to see and make connections that others might otherwise be unable or disinclined to make. Not bad for writing a… Continue reading Not The Best Judge of Character