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When we are going through trials, God can seem silent. And in some ways, He is. It’s like one second He’s there in your life, and the next moment, when it’s most difficult, He seems distant, and His silence feels like the cruellest thing. In my experience with God through trying times, I have learned… Continue reading THE SILENT TEACHER

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Not The Best Judge of Character

I’m intuitive. It plays a major role in my personality. But I have found myself overestimating my ability to figure people or situations out. Being intuitive, in addition with other creative inclinations, makes me able to see and make connections that others might otherwise be unable or disinclined to make. Not bad for writing a… Continue reading Not The Best Judge of Character

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Your Worst Self Is Not Your True Self

I used to believe that the proof of true love was that someone would see you in your worst moments and love you just the same. I still do, but with reservations. Here’s what I also believed wrongly along with that: I believed that I had to show my worst self to whoever wanted to… Continue reading Your Worst Self Is Not Your True Self