Sister From Another Mother

Mar 27, 2018 | Inspiration, Poetry

Sister From Another Mother


Nice jacket, sister

Sister from another mother


Did you know

Your eyes downcast

Remind me of my own

On some days


Your name is pretty like a flower

My middle name is a flower

Look how much we already have in common


Sister, sister

Spirit sister

I like your curly hair

Yours is so brown it’s almost red

Mine is really dark


You like to cut and sew and cook

I like to read and read a book


You’re more like caramel

And I’m closer to chocolate

But if we really angle our faces right

We could be look a-likes


You’re my sister

From another mother

We don’t have to like

Everything about each other


I like the fact that you’re a sister

We have more in common

Than with the brothers

Because we’re sisters


When we walk by each other

Spirit sister

And our eyes meet for a brief moment in time

Let’s smile like we share a secret

Like we know things others can’t


We’re sisters

You and me

It doesn’t matter what you don’t see

I’m you in some way

And you’re me


You and I are birds of a feather

So let’s stick together

Sister, sister


-Mema Daisy

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