Shine, Girl!

Feb 10, 2018 | Bible Studies, Inspiration

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” –Isaiah 60:1

Have you ever been in a situation where someone was asking you to do something super awesome, but all you could feel was how overwhelming the request seemed? Maybe I’m speaking in parables, but I read this verse of scripture tonight and all I could think was “I’m nobody. It’s uncomfortable. Don’t ask me to do it. I’m not qualified. Don’t bother with me. What if I can’t do it?!”

Yes. These were my actual thoughts. Somehow I realised that God was asking me to do something amazing, and it required faith and boldness and some type of Holy Spirit coolness that I didn’t feel I had.

What if I’m just who God wants to use? Simple, struggling, unqualified me.

As I drove back home I thought over the verse and wondered why it had such a set of contradictory effects on me. “Arise, shine.” Somehow, it was like a voice spoke up from my inside: “Shine, girl!” SHINE, GIRL! I smiled.

Yes. Just shine. It’s not about you. It’s bigger than you. So shine. Your light has come and it’s the glory of God! Shine. Be the woman of God He called you to be. Speak the words of life and wisdom and power! Shine. Love like you own the word. Shine. You are the light of nations. Shine, girl! You are the shadow of a great rock in a dry and thirsty land. Shine. You are a Blessing. Shine. Walk in the paths that have been carved out for you – the paths of righteousness. Watch the LORD light the way.

Rise and shine, Spread abroad the glory of the LORD.

Know your God and be strong! You’ll do exploits. (Daniel 11:32)

Know the word of God. Draw near to the lover of your soul. Be patient, be humble, and be kind. Give to those in need. Treat every person with honour and love. Consider others above yourself so that the work of God may be done and be completed. Be a servant. Teach others to follow Christ Jesus even as you have, and you are.

Shine, girl.

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