Shape of You

May 22, 2018 | Dreams and the Future, Inspiration, Life Hacks

The Grand Master takes His time to draw the plan. Every dot is perfection. Every curve, every grain…perfection. He infuses colour – bursts of colour. Orange for one, blue for another. A thought, a wave, a life. And when He’s finished, He sees that it is good. Good.

We are designed, each of us, in a unique way, with our unique giftings, personalities, and such. That’s a good thing. God saw it and said it was good.

However, I also believe that in God’s bigger plan, these unique aspects of our being ought to be maximized in Christ. For example, I am a naturally imaginative person. My inclination towards imagination comes often times with a struggle to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

This is expressed in situations where I place too much stake in a person because I have the ability to see the good in them that might not be there. What happens in Christ, is that I am able to walk in my strength, which is imagination, and also walk in God’s wisdom such that I am able to see the potential in a person or situation, and yet as the Bible said Jesus did, “not entrust myself to any person.”*

We are made uniquely. My personality or talents or gifts can and should be maximized in Christ. I don’t have to do things the way another person does it. The best version of my self is expressed in the distinct way I carry out my creative tasks, for example.

I don’t have to write like anyone else – I can learn from anyone else. I don’t have to sound like anyone else – I can admire the way another person sounds.

One thing I’ve experienced, which I believe a number of us have, is that limitation, that stifling of our abilities when we try to do things “the right way”.

When it comes to our various expressions, abilities, gifts, et cetera, there is not necessarily a right way. One way might be more effective for one person than it is for another. For one, chaos drives her creativity, and for another, organization. One learns by hearing, and another by doing. The joy of living comes in humbly growing in the areas of our weaknesses -kinda like pruning for plants- while giving ourselves the permission to express our strengths in our unique way.

I love being me. I recognize that I can improve myself. Gain good habits. Strive for discipline. But I can do all that, being me.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re a defective product. You’re not. You’re awesome and unique. My challenge to you is that you seek God’s ultimate design for your life, that is, God’s vision for creating you the way you are; that is, His specific role for you in His ultimate purpose for you (and everyone) who is in Christ.

I, myself, have been learning more and more of what that is. It’s not an accidental thing; it’s deliberate. I deliberately seek God’s purpose for me (which I mean to be a part of His ultimate purpose for me and all of us who are called in Christ Jesus) and I seek to walk in it. God does reveal this over time, but He also reveals it as we desire it, and pursue it, and walk in it where His wisdom has already been revealed at each point in our lives.


*John 2:24

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