Say to the woman “rise up”

Say to her “get up”


Hold her hand

Tell her she doesn’t have to be alone


Remind her who her source is

Her help comes from the Lord


Show her how you did it

When it was your turn

She really needs it


Invite her over

Share your heart with her


Tell her she’s welcome

She’s loved

She’s prayed for


Remind her about His words

His Holy and true righteous utterances

Tell her where to find it


She just needs your presence

She needs your help


Help her carry her basket

Hold her baby


She can’t cover the cost

She’s missing some of it

Tell her it’s okay

Tell her you’ll take care of it


Tell her “I’m just like you”

Tell her “you’re just like me”


Tell her you’re a woman too

And you understand



Let her speak

Give her permission to use her voice


She can do it

She can learn

Show her how to do it too


Give her a little boost

She’ll be grateful you did


Give her a loving push

A little grace

A loving embrace


Lift up that woman beside you

Lift up the girl behind you


Pray for her

Forgive her

Remember she is you

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