Pray Like This

Dec 3, 2019 | Exhortation, Inspiration, Life Hacks, Poetry, Prayers

Persevere in prayer.

Our God is faithful and He hears us.

He sees our bond in the spirit.

He sees our burdens for one another.


When we agree, He is with us.

We can trust Him with everything.

Ask, the Lord says.

Seek and find.


Our Father wants our prayers.

Our Lord desires our fellowship.

Share in the Lord.

Meet with Him in the secret place.

Know Him who is all knowing.




Trust Him with everything.


Our God is a good God.

He wants to hear our cries.

He wants to lift our burdens.

He will not fail us.

We cannot give up.


He has called us co labourers.

He says we are His partners and friends.

We are His servants in His kingdom.

We are workers in His vineyard.


The prayers of His saints are precious to Him.

They are a power for salvation.

Prayer is the good work that we must do.

We can pray all we want to.


Pray without ceasing.

Pray and don’t give up, Jesus said.


Come to Him like a child.

Say Abba. Papa. Father.

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