Papi’s Child

Jul 31, 2018 | Inspiration, Poetry

To be a child in the arms of God

Is like the best thing ever!


To sit on Papi’s laps and play with his beard

To jump on him with my feet so small

To ask him loads of rummy questions

And wait as he answers everyone


I love to play on Papi’s laps

He’s the coolest dad ever

His beards are soft like cotton

And he’ll stay with me forever


I love it when he laughs

It’s contagious I tell you

I love it when he giggles

It makes me giggle too


I ask him for lots and lotsa things

He tells me I must learn patience

I try to pronounce the word

I don’t even know what it means


He draws near to tell me

I think I understand

I run off already

He stops me just in time


Don’t be in such a hurry

But I want it now

I reply audaciously

Daddy laughs


I climb back up

All the way to his laps

He holds me near

And he teaches me


I think I know what patience means

It’s when I trust you

It’s when I wait to hear you

It’s when I’m not in a hurry


His smile widens in appreciation

That’s right my little teddy berry


-By Mema Daisy

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