Our God is Enough_A Poem

Nov 8, 2019 | Inspiration, Poetry

God’s grace is sufficient for us.

He tells us this in His word.

His arm is not too short to save us.

His word is solid rock we can lean on.

Is Christ enough for us?

Is His word not beautiful enough?

Is it not beautiful without glitter and sparkly things?

Is it not beautiful without our gimmicks?

Does it not fully satisfy as it is?

God is glorious in His word.

His word should lead us only to Him.

Not ourselves.

Not even other good things.

Our God is beautiful and He is enough.

Our sufferings are not to be shunned.

Our patient waiting for the Lord is wise and better and good.

Our hope is yet to come.

So we can wait patiently.

Not greedily.

We can be satisfied with only Him.

He is better than every other good thing.

God is the good that we must seek.

Let us desire only Him.

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