O To be Content!

Oct 20, 2018 | Dreams and the Future, Inspiration, Life Hacks

I missed out on many opportunities to be really happy this year. And by that I mean that I wasn’t content for the most part, I was afraid, and I worried still, even though I had desired not to.

I was afraid… I worried… I was not content.

Can you relate to this? We’re in the very last quarter of the year, which is running out already. Did you miss out on opportunities for real, solid joy in Christ? Were you too busy striving for the NEXT thing? Isn’t there always a next thing?

To be honest, I did accomplish only partially, what I set out to this year. My biggest failures are what I have already shared in this post, that I missed out on countless opportunities for real joy. I sincerely, ignorantly thought that God would spell everything out for me and all I’d have to do is to follow the “yellow brick road”. God doesn’t usually operate like that. It’s not “my sheep figure out the way” but “my sheep hear my voice and follow me.” Get it? I’m only just getting it.

I was looking through my 2017 journal and saw my raw hope for a better attitude for the next year. I had no idea that it would have to be a learning process for me. I wish sometimes God would speed up my learning process. But one thing I’m grateful for is that, I have become the lesson. I wanted to experience something, but instead, God made me become it. And by that I mean, rather than experiencing it with no foundation to keep me through the storms of life, God taught me, and has ingrained it into my heart and mind that this sheep type way is the only true way to live.

So now, I have my answer. I get it. I am content. I sincerely doubt that anyone can take that away from me. I have learned to be content, just as Paul said. I’m not missing out on any opportunities the rest of this year or in my life (by God’s amazing grace) to be joyful and content. I have learned real value by the working of the Holy Spirit.

And now I’m a little more prepared for life as a servant of Jesus Christ and as a person living in the “real” world. There is such a thing as the sovereignty of God, and that’s what I’m living in. I submit.

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