Not The Best Judge of Character

Dec 6, 2017 | Boy-Girl Dynamics, Everyday Life Hacks, Inspiration, Relationships

I’m intuitive. It plays a major role in my personality. But I have found myself overestimating my ability to figure people or situations out.

Being intuitive, in addition with other creative inclinations, makes me able to see and make connections that others might otherwise be unable or disinclined to make. Not bad for writing a movie script or a short story, but not exactly the most important tool for human relationships (it does have its own benefits).

Sometimes I make judgements of people based on my own ideas of their personality. I’ve found that I’m right in many ways, but not always right when it comes to the things that count, like CHARACTER or true intentions.

The test of character comes with observation over a period of time. Observation and time. The Lord Jesus said, “By their fruit you shall know them.” This means that you don’t judge people by their seeming qualifications or appearances, or even their talk. We ought to make judgements of people by what they do and what they do consistently, because that’s who they are (or at least who they think they are).

I say this repentantly because I’ve been burnt. But I think I’ve learnt my lesson-I just wish I had learnt it sooner. Oh well.


Speaking of relationships, we learn a lot about people when we relate with them over time. Rather than build up a fantasy in my head about someone, I’d rather get to know them over time, and let them, by their consistent words and actions (or lack thereof) tell me about them.

Creative intuitives out there, this is fair warning. Use your creativity where it counts but don’t let it get you trapped. It’s okay every now and then to open your eyes and face the facts for what they are. Sometimes it’s not a garden, but a dump, and that’s okay.

Cheers to relationships built on reality, on truth, on integrity, and on just plain quality time!

Much, much love!

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