I’ve found myself needing to change. I’m one of those people that actually looks forward to change because I’m an optimist and a dreamer and I usually imagine that change is for something better.

Recently, some of my old dreams started to give me some trouble. I found myself stuck in one thing rather than growing. I found myself holding on to something that seemed good, but which had no definite purpose in my life. It was just a good thing. Wanting a good thing is fine. But if it keeps you stuck and has no special purpose, then why hold on to it too tightly?

I’ve said in this post that I like change – that’s only partially true. Sometimes I’ve become so attached to an image I have or a picture in my mind, that I find it hard to move on. I’ve struggled with this in many areas of my life – this difficulty to move on because of an attachment. Now that’s something that needs to change!

So I’m reassessing my life and my dreams. I’m basically cleaning out my “dream closet”, seeing what’s good, important, and necessary, and getting rid of the clutter.

Change is hard. But change can be good – great even, especially when we want to grow. I always want to be growing, never stagnating. There’s an onward that we should constantly be pressing toward.

If you’re like me (and in this case I hope for your sake that you aren’t), you may need to get beat up a number of times to get the message. I can take a good hit, and sometimes it makes me endure things I shouldn’t  or stay in places or with people for longer than I should.

If you’ve already been beat up, there’s no excuse to wait to change. Face your fears and address those tough questions. Like, is this good for me? Or is this necessary for my journey?

I never want to lose sight of what’s most important, that’s God and His kingdom (if this makes you cringe, please email and we could chat about it in a more in-depth way). Whenever I find myself losing sight of what’s important, I recognize that something else has my attention, something less important.

So I’m willing to take a leap of faith and get new dreams that align with my greatest dream. My greatest dream, believe it or not, is to know God and press on to know Him, and to be found to be pleasing Him all the way to my last day!

I ask you to join me on this journey if you haven’t already. There’s just something about God that makes a person say, “Your love is better than life”. (King David)

“Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.” –(Psalm 63:3)

It is!

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