Never_A Love-ish Story

Feb 7, 2020 | Inspiration, Micro Stories, Poetry, Relationships, Short story

She didn’t know what love was.
She never felt the passion that many spoke about.
She knew sexual pleasure.
She knew encounters with strangers.
She was miserable.
But she said she was just fine.
You need to fall in love, someone said to her.
You need to have this new experience.
Being vulnerable would free you.


She had a scare at the hospital.
She was lucky that time.
But time was short.
The clock was ticking.


She opened up her heart for the first time.
She felt passionate love.
Then she stopped feeling in control.
He was different from her.
Disagreed with her.
Wanted things from her.
She hated it.
This love was too hard.
It was hardly worth it.
She left.
She was empty.
Nothing satisfied her.
Nothing could.

She heard God’s whispers.
They were too loud for her.
She hid.
She ran.
She was afraid.
She was drowning in her own self worship.
All the while the hands that were pierced on the cross were wide open.
He was what love looked like.


But she couldn’t.
Give it all to Me.

She would rather die free in her misery.
She was drowning but she was just fine in the deep.


She would never know the Love that would set her free.

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