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Jun 14, 2019 | Dreams and the Future, Feature Stories, Inspiration, Short story, True Stories

God has always been a constant in my life whether I recognized it or not, I grew up as an African in the Middle East so I was branded “different”. Sometimes, my difference was pointed out through the fingers of racism. Other times, I was different because I was overweight.


While I hated being different when I was young and would have done anything and everything to fit in, I have come to realize that God had a purpose for it all.


My desire to fit in lead me to start smoking cigarettes at a very young age. I thought it would kill two birds with one stone. I thought that smoking would not only curb my appetite and cause me to drop my excess weight, but I also felt like smoking gave me a sense of belonging. I was wrong about both!


Initially I did drop some weight but it didn’t stay off and the sense of belonging was false. I smoked cigarettes on and off for almost a decade and was delivered a few years ago through fasting and prayer. It was not an easy experience, it was intense! But I trusted our Lord for His guidance and He is our deliverer. I’m proud to say that I’m a non-smoker today and who the son sets free is free indeed!


Once I had settled into the freedom of being a non-smoker, my mind had to settle into the reality of getting to know God. My relationship with God developed in one of the most unlikely places to many. I grew in Christ in Hollywood. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my acting career and the journey has been full of ups and downs, and with all honesty I must admit that without a foundation in Christ, I’m not sure who I would have turned out to be or how I would have turned out. Many actors and actresses are desperate for work and might put themselves in compromising positions for an opportunity to work or and get closer to their dream of becoming a star.


Forming a foundation with Christ meant that my desire to become successful in my industry came second to having a relationship with Him, and while this may sound shocking to some that I have worked with, it is my truth. I got baptized in a church in West Hollywood and have never looked back. In fact, it lead me to taking a short hiatus from acting where I then wrote and published a book entitled The Color of Promise, available on amazon.


My hiatus was not all writing and rest, the Lord also prompted me to join a pageant! Initially I thought, “no, Lord, not me?!” I felt inadequate because of my body type, I was the largest size woman there and if we follow societal standards of beauty in Hollywood, the slimmer you are the prettier you are more likely to be considered, however I did not want to disobey God and I joined the pageant. To make a long story short, I focused on my positive attributes and was determined to have fun! Today I am proud to say that I AM MISS AFRICA AMERICA 2018/19.


While this excerpt is not as detailed as I would like, and if it were it may go on for longer than you might like, my aim throughout this article was to flaunt my inadequacies and highlight how God does not see as we do. Where I saw my flaws, He saw beauty and when I was stuck in an addiction He rescued me as I surrendered.

Walking with Christ is not always easy but it is worth it. God will always be a constant in my life.


Charlotte Makala, otherwise known as Charlie Cakes is a Tanzanian author and Actress living in Los Angeles. She is also the reigning Miss Africa America. Charlotte is a believer in Christ and teaches Children’s church.  Her hobbies include reading, singing and dancing.

Instagram: Charlie3cakes


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