Micro Story: Odikwa Risky

Sep 25, 2018 | Inspiration, Life Hacks, Micro Stories

“Odikwa risky.” The four year old boy said to the collective gasp of everyone in the salon. After less than a second passed, it was followed with bouts of laughter from the hair stylists and clients alike. Even Mrs My-Husband’s-Got-It-All forgot her bourgeois composure and croaked in laughter as well. Little Ona didn’t know what got everyone laughing. He stopped to frown in the manner of a displeased parent. Mama Ona couldn’t stop laughing either. Not only had she said the very words minutes before, but Ona’s statement could not have been said at a more perfect time. It punctuated the gossip to which he was privy like a full stop to a defectless sentence. They say, “Oh he’s just a kid; he doesn’t understand.” And we say, “Oh but he does.” Children understand. They are watching, and learning, and you with all your unscrupulous words have become for them a resource. Dear Ona, don’t mind them jare. Odikwarisky o!

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