Jesus’ Grace is Sufficient, Really

Jan 9, 2018 | Bible Studies

God is intentional about how much information He gives to us and how much He withholds from us.

The lives of present day saints, their testimonies, and the testimonies and lives of the saints in the Bible teach us that we are to have faith even when we do not immediately see the outcome of our faith. We must simply believe God and trust in Him.

People have had to wait decades to see the word God spoke to them come to fruition. They have had to wait decades for something they felt so strongly about in their spirits to finally make sense or manifest materially. In the book of Hebrews some of the saints didn’t even receive the promises till their deaths because God planned it that way.

And for me, I have begun to see clearly that this is how God works in my life: He withholds information and at the same time brings about the answers to my prayers and requests, while in a sense I’m forced to live by faith through it all.  And in the end I have seen those prayers get answered in the most amazing ways, but sometimes so unspectacularly.

Somehow I look and there it is: the answer I’ve been looking for. In that moment I realise that I’ve been living out the answer or answers all this time, and I can now see it because a particular working of faith was complete or simply become materialised.

I feel God asking me if I’m up for the challenge this year – if I am willing and able to have faith in Him – to believe even when I don’t see and to trust my Guide through the darkest valley.

I think of Paul in this moment, asking the Lord to take away the thorn in his flesh, and Master Jesus saying,

“My grace

is sufficient for you,

for my power

is made perfect

in weakness.”
(2 Corinthians 12:9)

And Christ still says it to us now, “My grace is enough for you. Trust Me.” I trust You, Lord. I do. And I just have to.

Grace to us!

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