“Jesus Babe”, Be Humble. Pray.

Jul 30, 2019 | Exhortation, Inspiration, Micro Stories, Poetry, Prayers

Be humble and pray, Christian woman

Don’t be in a hurry to run to ‘man’

Your Heavenly Father’s waiting

For you to come to Him

You have a million worries

He surely gets it

But do you ask about His will?

Do you wonder about the other needs?

The needs of others?

Sometimes there’s sin in your life

Like the sin of pride

Like the sin of wanting to have it your way

Eating your cake and having it

You need to repent

Turn away

And pray

Don’t listen to everybody

Especially to those sugar-coated things

God wants you to prosper

Have you thought of what prosperity means?

Woman of God

Jesus Babe as you say

When no one is watching

Can you boldly say those things to Him?

Do you ever get quiet enough,

Humble enough to hear Him scold you?

Remember that He disciplines those He loves

So, if all you ever get is ‘go ahead’

Whatever you want

Do you boo

Are you really His?


Be humble

It’s not all about you


It’s all about Him

Be humble and pray

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