It’s Bigger Than You

Nov 17, 2017 | Bible Studies, Dreams and the Future

You were made for something bigger. You’ve been called by God to something bigger. It’s not about you; it’s bigger than you.

There is a grand design and a grand plan. It’s a bigger plan you or I could ever come up with.

It looks more like a carpenter’s son growing up after a while without a dad, with a number of brothers and sisters and a struggling mom. It looks more like his 30 year quiet journey on earth, where he learns pain, desire, the struggle with sin, the sufferings of his friends and family, neighbors, town, country; where he really gets to know himself; his own journey into manhood, sacrifice, poverty, joy, merriment; where he attends celebrations of birth, and mourns many deaths until he comes into his power, and then he can do something about the pain, the sickness, the poverty, the lack, and finally, until he can solve the problem for all eternity from its roots by paying the ultimate price, and giving the ultimate sacrifice for your sins and mine.

“My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as You will.” –(Matthew 26:39)

He understands our struggle, and our unwillingness. He gets it more than we ever can. So we know He’s paved the way for our own courage. So we say yes to the low things, the sacrificial things, until we finish the work, and accomplish purpose. Not our will but His will.

It’s not about you; it’s bigger than you. And it’s beautiful. This grand plan is beautiful.

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