I Trust You_A Prayer

Nov 26, 2019 | Inspiration, Poetry, Prayers

I trust You even now

When things seem out of control

I trust You even when I do not know


I know You are good

You never change

I can trust You

In every season

Come what may


There are times I know You want me to pause

You ask me to be patient

To trust You with the end result


I have to remember that You’re in control

I can pray

I can wait patiently for You


Lord, I thank You for who You are

You help me see what I already have

You open my eyes to see that You’re the constant

I can fix my eyes on You no matter what

I can hope in You no matter what

I can rejoice in You no matter what


Lord You know this is hard for me

Lord You know I can barely see


My ultimate joy is that I have You

That I am Yours forever


So I place my desires in Your hands

I know You will come through for me


Come through for me

Help me

Lead me


Hold me fast

So I will not fall


Keep me as the apple of Your eye

Thank You LORD

I trust You

Thank You

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