I Hate That Chick_A Short Story

Sep 13, 2019 | Inspiration, Life Hacks, Micro Stories, Poetry, Relationships, Short story

I Hate That Chick


What’s up with her anyway?

Who does she think she is?

With her glossy hair

Gorgeous face

Miss prim and proper

Excuse me please


Miss I can speak good English

Miss nice handbag and shoes


We’re both at the same hair salon

Why is she getting special treatment?

I’m doing my best to tell the juiciest stories

Miss I’m too proper to join in vulgarity


‘I’m a Christian’ she says

Are you the only one?

We’re all Christians here

She smiles

So condescending

So judgemental

Disagreeing with me

Ever so politely

Man I hate that chick


I told Kunle about her

He barely heard me

At least I have a guy

I’m half way in

Quarter to having a ring on it


As for me, I’m living my best life

Miss perfect new neighbor

What do you have?

Miss virginity

Stop smiling at me



That’s what she called herself

I don’t want to tell her my name

Just call me Sy

‘Sy’ she says

I’m here if you need me

I have a Bible study in my apartment

On Thursdays

Come if you please

Or you could leave a prayer request


I’ll never need your prayer

Little miss priss

Not even when Kunle would decide

I wasn’t worth it

Not even when I would be broke

With not a single kobo



Help me please

Pray for me

‘I did from the very beginning’

She says

‘Christ tells us to love our enemies’

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