Heroes Look Like Me

Apr 6, 2018 | Dreams and the Future, Inspiration

Heroes Look Like Me


Heroes look like me you see

With strength that lies in a power unseen

Heroes have unruly hair

Heroes often shed a tear

Heroes mediate

And understand everyone’s view

Heroes also stick to what’s right

What’s good what’s whole and true


Have you ever felt unqualified for something? I know I have. It’s something I’ve found myself dealing with sometimes. What if they don’t like me? What if I can’t do it? Don’t pick me please, pick her. Pick someone else. I don’t look like they want. I don’t talk like they want. I’m just not like they want.

Well, I’ve got some news for you! Yes, it’s good news. Heroes look like you and me! Hair on your chinny chin chin and all!

We’re called to be heroes a.k.a. the light of the world, a.k.a. the salt of the earth a.k.a. servants. The heroism that Jesus modelled for us is not like that of the untouchable heroes of our fantasies. Although He had a choice to live free from suffering, our Lord Jesus showed us that love is the most excellent way. In His demonstration of love was a disconnection from self-aggrandisement; was servant-hood; was compassion. It was also an unwavering stance for the truth (who He was and is).

And finally, he chose ordinary people like you and me: regular men and women with regular human problems like you and me.

Maybe the women that came alongside Jesus might have bickered along the way about who got to cook and who got to skip household chores (sorry Mary and Martha, but I had to bring this up 😁), but they were loved and they were the perfect candidate in His eyes for the awesome life He’s calling every one of us to.

Jesus taught me that I too can be a hero. He showed this by making Himself as nothing so a “nothing” like me can manifest God’s greatness, power and love. It’s so amazing how I fit the bill for a hero simply because of what He did. How He lived. What He said. And who He made me. Who He made you.

Heroes look like you!


Heroes look like you, you see

Heroes serve a power unseen

Heroes are strong – sometimes weak

Even when they get enough sleep

Heroes put others first

Heroes are last – shall be the first

Heroes don’t always know what to do

But heroes know that God is true

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