Her Best Life_A Short Story

Nov 29, 2019 | Inspiration, Life Hacks, Micro Stories, Short story

I was nervous about it, but I was more excited than not.

I didn’t have much time to plan, but it was a once in a lifetime chance, so I took it.

They looked so classy and beautiful. These were my friends from the university.

Their jewelry looked pricey.

I used to dress nice like they were dressed.

It was another life.

I couldn’t even follow the conversation; I had been out of the loop for way too long.

I settled for laughs and a shocked expression at the scandalous tales.

They even had their own lingo.

I never used those slangs with my actual friends.

“So, what are you doing now, Clara?” one of them asked.

I got really uncomfortable. Oh Lord, what should I say? I thought.

“I run a retail business.”

“Like a road side shop?”

Silence followed, and I tried to change the subject.

I wanted to talk about my husband and kids, and the work we had been doing in our church. That’s what I was excited about, but I figured out quickly enough that it wouldn’t fly.

One of them was divorced. The other was living with her boyfriend. I was definitely the odd one out, and sadly I felt less than they did.

My husband and I were doing okay.

We were content. I was content until now.

They looked like they were living the better life. They looked like they were living their best life now. And maybe they were.

My life was beautiful even in its imperfections, but it most certainly was not my best life. My best life was hidden in Christ Jesus.

I looked up and smiled.

“Is there anything you would like me to pray about for you?” I asked.

They exchanged a look of utter shock.

Sammie spoke first.

“I’m really upset about this whole divorce and I guess I want peace in my life.”

We started talking about more important things. They let me pray with them before it was time to leave.

I said a prayer of thanks in my heart.

“And I’m sorry Lord for that moment of weakness and doubt. You’ve given me all that I need.”


The blameless spend their days under the LORD’s care, and their inheritance will endure forever.

(Psalm 37:18 NIV)




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