Girls Are Amazing

Oct 12, 2018 | Dreams and the Future, Inspiration, Micro Stories, Poetry

Girls Are Amazing


Girls are amazing people

God’s lovely creatures

With hearts and minds

And strength like no other


Girls are cool people

They are planners

And proactive thinkers


They know who they are

And they know what they have



Oh girls!

People try to confuse them

About their worth

They make them seem silly

And evil at worst


No girls are amazing

They care and they love

Girls will help a stranger

Even when they don’t have enough


Girls are strong for each other

They won’t take nonsense from fools

They’ll give it to you straight

They’ll tell you the right thing to do


I think girls are amazing

Yes I’m biased because I’m one too

Girls are thinkers and doers

And feelers and leaders


I’m so glad I’m a girl

But not every girl is glad

We should help a girl out

We should give a helping hand


Because girls don’t always get

What they need and what’s best

They should have the opportunity

To be the best of who they are


Give a girl some support

Help her get an education

Tell her she’s so much more than they say

Lift her up today!


-Mema Daisy

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