Follow Me Dey Go_A Short Story

Apr 26, 2019 | Inspiration, Life Hacks, Micro Stories, Short story

Those That Went: A Short Story About the Absurd


It started with just the tapping of her feet.

Iheneme watched the other passengers in the car packed full with people. Considering how tightly squeezed they all were, her neck craned every now and then to get a good look at everyone. This was much to her neighbors’ annoyance because she kept whipping her face to her left and right every five minutes.

The man to her right tried to get the attention of other passengers, but no one noticed what he was trying to say with his eyes. The woman on the other side of Iheneme seemed too mousy and unwilling to say anything either.

Then it happened. The driver decided their journey was lacking a musical background, so he decided to play it. He made the announcement before plugging in the cd into the cd player of the old car. “This is by my nephew, an up and coming pop star. You know how it is these days. Anything small thing now, he will blow.” Having gotten a few sympathetic laughs at his humor, he pressed play.

Iheneme whipped her face to the front. She had long been staring into the side of the man’s face, who sat beside her on the right. She attempted to tap her foot to the beat, but it was difficult in her position. So she twisted and turned until she could manage a better angle. Then she began. Her foot tapped along with the music.

When it was her turn to make a stop, she walked around to the driver’s side and asked him for the name of the song. “Follow me dey go,” the driver replied before zooming away.

Iheneme could still hear the song playing long after he was gone. This time she tapped both feet and moved her upper body. A show gathered around her and people filmed the whole thing on their phone cameras. Iheneme’s face was still as stoic as it was when she first got into the car. It was stoic even while she moved and turned this way and that, dancing to a song that was no longer playing.

Things got really interesting when a few bystanders started to dance too. Iheneme smiled and said to them, “Follow me dey go,” and they did.


It started with the tapping of his feet.

“What are the lyrics of the song you’re listening to?” Mara asked him genuinely interested in whatever it was that was making him happy. Mmadu took off his earphones and Mara repeated her question. Mmadu thought for a bit. “’Get life, don’t let it get you’, and other things sha,” he said before putting them back on. “It’s deep,” he said too loudly before ignoring her completely.

Mmadu danced and sang. Mara listened to Mmadu’s horrible singing punctuated by swear words. He even rolled around the middle finger as he got really excited. Mara shook her head and left him to himself in the common area of the apartment.

Mmadu grabbed his things for work when he realized he was running late. He forgot his laptop and swore when he ran back into the room to get it.

At the side of the road, he waited with other impatient workers to get into the public cars that were popularly called “along”. But something grabbed his attention. People had gathered around a dancing woman. Mmadu joined them.

Iheneme’s face was stoic even while she moved this way and that. People cheered and some jeered but it didn’t matter. What did they know about the song that was playing in her head?

One young man tapped his foot first. And then, he moved both feet. Iheneme looked up and he was already dancing. A few others joined too. These were the people that understood. They were deep, forward thinking individuals.  Iheneme would take them where she was going, wherever that was. She smiled. “Follow me dey go,” and they did.

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