Fighting for Inspiration

Sep 4, 2018 | Dreams and the Future, Inspiration, Life Hacks, Poetry

To remain unfazed in this world is no small feat. I find that in between shades of the grey there is enough room for bursts of colour.

In the midst of the noise and chaos that is sometimes our world, we can find quiet. Somewhere, somehow.

In between errands, when your time belongs to someone else, when you are disregarded, looked upon as insignificant, when your value is questioned, there is enough room for bursts of colour.

Joy. Joy is the very bedrock of inspiration. The immovability of joy makes it possible at all times in all situations when required, to find inspiration. Joy in all circumstances absolutely refutes the lie that we are mere subjects to fate.

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4)

We are called in Christ to have joy always. This is a shield from the thick darkness of this life. It is our weapon against the attacks on our mind and our hearts in the face of trouble.

Inspiration is fleeting, but joy can always find it.

For the joyful, inspiration is but a breath away. A sound. A speech. A vision in the mind. It’s found everywhere for the joyful, this thing we call inspiration.

We become its masters when we refuse to be mastered by the limitations of this world. We laugh in the face of obstacles and impossibilities because they force us to hold on to joy, that beautiful gift of the Sovereign to His beloved children who have learned how to hide under the shadow of His wings.

I find inspiration everywhere. And I speak to you darkness, that I will find it even in your midst. I serve a limitless God, who has blessed me with limitless joy!

I have found my own bursts of colour in the midst of the grey, a few minutes of inspired work in the face of hours-long obstacles and suckers of time.

Constant joy equals inspiration equals being a bright burst of light.


You are not limited

Not by limited things

You are a spirit on fire

A giant with wings

You will calm the crying baby

And gracefully clean up poop

Yes gracefully


You will work the mathematics

Of accounts

And semantics

And you will create

And grow

And you won’t be late

For that presentation



You will have joy

On that forever queue

You will get to your destination

You will get to your final destination

Whole and complete

And very well spent

You will be replete

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