Everything He Wanted_A Short Story

Mar 29, 2019 | Boy-Girl Dynamics, Inspiration, Micro Stories, Relationships, Short story

She set the dishes in place. Always the best for Henry, Lara made sure of it. She adjusted her hair. Early bird like her, she had gotten up as usual and now she looked like she was on her way to an outing at one of those brunches she used to host, but she would stay at home now, just as he liked it.

Henry showed up just on time, looking all man. She admired the man she had been married to for ten years. He still had it, that thing about him that made her pine for him when he was not around. And that was happening more often these days. He sat down. Would he notice her?

“Darling,” Lara said smiling, as she poured him a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice.

He smiled up at her briefly. “Honey.”

She sat down to a quiet breakfast, that is if she didn’t count the clanking of chinaware or the turning of newspaper pages.

“Daddy, daddy,” the twins said, joining the breakfast table.

He gave them a quick pat on their heads and left.

“Eat your food,” Lara said to Kehinde even as her husband’s car drove away. “Eat your food and you will be strong like daddy.”


His driver, aka chauffeur in these parts, opened the door of the backseat to let him out. “Sir.”

“God morning sir.” The doorman said.

More ‘good morning sir’s followed and Henry walked majestically to his office on the top floor.

“Good morning sir,” Mrs. Akadidi, his sixty-year old secretary greeted. She gave him the usual update as he walked into his office.

“Oh and Sandra,” Henry said to the woman.

“Yes sir?”

“Call my lunch and send Charles for pick up.”

“Yes Mr. Adesanmi.”

Henry arrived at his lunch with time to spare. He had left the last meeting in a hurry.

He walked into the hotel room to find Bola dressed skimpily and dancing sensually to some R & B  music playing in the background.

She approached him and helped him take off his heavy suit as she called it.

The hotel service knocked just then.

“I already ordered lunch,” she said sweetly.

Trays of delicious meals were brought in. “Mmmm, steamy,” she said. Henry anticipated what he considered the main course. Lunch was only the appetizer.

“Darling, you never fail to disappoint,” Henry said as he laid back in satisfied pleasure. Bola lit a cigarette. “You know what that does to you right?”

“Thank you Mr. Doctor,” Bola said playfully, and he laughed. He always laughed. She was funny, smart, ambitious, young… She was everything he wanted and she was his inspiration.

He shared his dreams with her as they lay bare bodied underneath the covers. She lit a fire under him. He should take the deal. So what if there were casualties? He was an elephant and everyone knows what happens when elephants fight. She massaged him. He could always give back to society and help the less privileged through his charity organization. The end always justified the means in her book, and now he was learning fast that it was true.

“What would I do without you?”

“Nothing,” Bola said, laughing sweetly into his face.

“When you’re done with your university, you definitely have a job in my company if you want it.”

Bola paused thoughtfully. “I want your office,” she said.

Henry laughed. Bola laughed too. But Bola always got what she wanted.

Unethical practices. Stock market flop. Extramarital affair. Folding up. Divorce. Child custody. Those were the words that defined him now.

“Bola?” Henry said into his phone. His message would be recorded as voice mail, and Bola would most likely discard it. She was smart, young, ambitious…. She was everything he should have feared.