Dear Woman-In-Progress

Jul 20, 2018 | Inspiration, Letters From A Girlfriend


Hi 😊

First of all Life is amazing.

Yes the life that God has created you for is an amazing one.

Jesus has promised you the abundant life. Abundant as in free, liberating, joyful, pleasant and beautiful.

As you evolve in this life and grow into the woman God has called you to be you start to realize that expectations from yourself and others may put some pressure on you.

You may be forced to shed some naivety as it appears a lot of things are not as you imagined them to be.

True this life is a test and yes it will test you.

But God has promised that you are more than a conqueror.

You are strong in the strength that God provides.

You may not always feel like you are awesome.

You may not always understand the next step, but when God promises you something, you can and should expect it.

As life,  your body, your environment and even yourself make new and unfamiliar demands of you and sometimes disappoint you;

You can be assured that God will always! always! be there, holding you by the hand.

Taking you each step of the way.

The beacon that shines your path.

All you have to do is TRUST!


So girl , have fun living, have fun growing, have fun being a woman-in-progress.


Adepeju Adeniran




Writer. Adventure lover. Entrepreneur. Life of the conversation. 

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