Dear Woman-In-Progress

Jul 20, 2018 | Letters From A Girlfriend

Dear Woman-in-progress,

I think I’d be the first person ever to officially welcome you to Africa,  where marriage is the topmost achievement of the girl child. But darling,  I would equally love you to understand the a few things before you go down that road.


You might not really have anyone tell them to you because we are often carried away by the fact that finally, ‘YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED’ But thank God for the Holy Spirit, my best friend, who taught me these things from the duty post of ‘MY KITCHEN SINK’.


The day before this encounter, my friend has asked for prayer points for the kind of man I wanted.  As soon as I picked my phone to reply, I found myself typing an entirely different message from my initial intention. I told her that I had talked to God about my husband but I needed her to agree with me so that I would be patient to wait on Him and recognize this Godsend of a man when he shows up.


I was still stunned at what just happened but by morning, i knew better. You need to understand that oftentimes, the Christian girl gets swayed by societal representations of the glitz and glam associated with weddings but the story changes ‘in the morning after dark’. Divorce has started creeping into the church because we majored in the minors and minored in the majors.


The pressure is high and because a lot of couples look good on paper,  we are all too deceived to believe that it is the real picture. This introduction is  just a note to open your eyes to God’s plan for the ideal marriage on earth.


I’m as single as you are and that is why on getting this message,  I thought to share it because we both can relate with the struggle to stay true to our faith in Christ Jesus, most especially amidst the perverse circumstances surroundung the very issue of marriage.


My subsequent writings would each, explain a particular thought in details, till we are able to do justice, by His grace, to the contents of the lengthy conversation that lasted only but a few minutes.  I’m not sure how the precious Holy Ghost did it but I hope you get blessed with each letter.


It was nice meeting you. I’d keep you posted as to when next we’d meet. Till then, stay strong, abounding in every good work and remembering that you’re his MASTERPIECE.




Esther Awa.

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